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Transportation & Logistics Fleet Management

The Transportation and Logistics industry has to face daily challenges when it comes to keeping all of their drivers safe and make sure that the shipments are secure and delivered on time. The fleet management solutions offered by Sahaj Infosys are specifically targeted at the smooth functioning of the Transport and Logistics industry. By using our route planning services and comprehensive, web-based reporting facilities, you can greatly save on the operational costs of your fleets.
Sahaj Infosys is dedicated to help various Transportation, Logistics, Freight and Courier companies simply by reducing the vehicle fleet costs. This is done by monitoring important information such as speed, harsh braking, irregular use of the vehicle as well as wear and tear of vehicles. It is extremely important to invest in Fleet Maintenance in order to increase the life of the vehicles. Logistics firms can reduce their overhead costs by eliminating the under-utilized vehicles and also by replacing the unreliable drivers with efficient personnel.
The fleet management capabilities of Sahaj Infosys have been a valuable asset for companies operating within the Transportation and Logistics industry, as it delivers them a competitive advantage over other organizations working in the remote and rugged parts of the world.

The vehicle tracking system services presented by Sahaj Infosys can offer you the following advantages:

  • Vehicle violation alarms
  • Punctual delivery of goods
  • Construction of the route plans
  • Identifying and overcoming logistical inefficiencies
  • Real-time tracking of various time sensitive deliveries
  • Efficient management of fleet maintenance schedules
  • Email and SMS service to send real time notification alerts
  • Replacing unreliable or unskilled drivers with efficient drivers
  • Monitoring events such as harsh braking, idle time and other factors
  • Intelligent reports on various objectives such fleet utilization and others
  • Panic buttons that help to alert fleet manager during serious emergencies

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