TK103 GPS Tracker User Manual Set Auto Track SMS

How to set GPS Vehicle tracking device TK103 To auto track mode by SMS?

Why we need set TK103 to auto track?
When user want location of vehicle at every some time different let say at 30sec on any mobile number by sms from the SIM card which we used in GPS tracker Device.

Or when we need to change update time the TK103 tracker send location to server time change then this SMS also use full.

Let’s chek out SMS to set TK103 Gps tracker to auto set.

at30sum15 is the TEXT to send.
The reply from TK103 will be auto track set ok.
at is command or instruction to TK103./
30 is in time interval second Ex. after every 30s SMS will send to number or data will sent to server.
15 is the number of time tracker will send Geo-info to authorize mobile number. Maximum times is 999999.

for sms at heap of times
The reply from TK103 will be auto track set ok.

Now, to stop auto track at any time, just SMS to GPS tracker TK103
mean no auto track and password
ex. noat123456

The reply from TK103 will be cancel auto track

We will check out more sms congratulation for TK103 next time.

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