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TK103 user manual Set Monitor Mode

TK103 user manual How to Set Monitor Mode?

Now to set monitor to TK103 Tracker is easy,

You can set How your client can track Vehicle.
Only Register user can track Your Vehicle?
All User can track your Vehicle?
or No one can monitor your vehicle?

Easy to switch between any mode at any time.

1> All Monitor mode:
Send SMS
“AllMonitor” to Tk103 device
In this mode any one can monitor vehicle.

2> Restrict to authorized Member
Send “RestrictMonitor”
In this mode authorized user can only track the truck or vehicle

3>Close for all
Send “CloseMonitor”
In this mode no one can track the vehicle.


TK103 SMS commands for Control CIRCUIT

Remote control oil and circuit of TK103 GPS Tracker devices help user to stop circuit supply any time from any where.

When every Fleet owner feel that the vehicle is not safe going in wrong direction or road at the any point or time driver is giving wrong information.
Stop CIRCUIT supply and check at their location just by sending SMS commands to TK103 GPS tracker.

Just One command Stop CIRCUIT supply and also for start CIRCUIT supply again just one command to GPS tracker TK103 needed.

Have a look to command,

Send SMS “stopelec+password” to control oil. For example send SMS:stopelec123456
To supply the oil again, send SMS “supplyelec+password” to the unit.

“stopelec+password” = stopelec123456

stopoil is stand for SMS command of gps tracker
123456 is the password.

And start oil supply again



supplyelec is stand for SMS command of gps tracker
123456 is the password.


TK103 GPS vehicle Tracker Parsing TCP-IP/UDP/ Packets Data Format

TK103 GPS vehicle Tracker Packets Data Comes on TCP-IP, UDP port once you configure GPS tracker TK103 By SMS (click on link for related post).

Data will be sent by GPS tracking device to set IP-Port.
Now you need to read that received GPS data at port sent by Vehicle Tracker.

It’s Very easy to understand data, Please have a look below for How to parse TK103 Protocol data? .

So let’s go ahead to TK103 Protocal example.

The string you will receive looks like

For easy to understanding I separate it as below
Formate of BO01 command

format Data GPS Tracker TK103:
( = start
008238008589 = trackerid / where 8238008589 is mobile number
BP05 = command Login message
000008238008589 = trackerid / where 8238008589 is mobile number

GPS Data

141125 = 14 year 11 month 25 date
A = valid data if “v” invalid data A

2302.7284 = latitude, format is ddmm.mmmm
N = north, “S” stand for south N
—>>> (d)dd and mm.mmmm. —>>> 23 and 02.7284
—>>> 02.7284/60 = 0.0454733333333333
—>>> 23 + 0.0454733333333333 = 23.04547333333333
—>>> Then multiply the result by -1 if the direction is S or W. —>>> as N so 1*23.04547333333333 = 23.04547333333333

07232.2385 = longitude, format is dddmm.mmmm
E = east, “W” stand for west E
—>>> (d)dd and mm.mmmm. —>>> (0)72 and 32.2385
—>>> 32.2385/60 = 0.5373083333333333
—>>> (0)72 + 0.5373083333333333 = 72.53730833333333
—>>> Then multiply the result by -1 if the direction is S or W. —>>> as E so 1*72.53730833333333 = 72.53730833333333

000.0 = speed k/m 000.0
064837 = time 09580 utc formate
185.21 = direction (orientation)
1000000A = 1st power 1 = power off or on battery And 0 = power On or on external power supply
2nd ACC (ignition) 0 = off and 1 = on
others are reservations Like, 3rd AC
4th not needed
5th GPS
L = Mileage
00000000 = Mileage data Max is OxFFFFFFFF
) = end

For other Command data of GPS tracker Will post in next day


GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol

GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol is very easy to understand

You can find GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol by click on the link.

This GPS Tracker TK103 device connects to platform server with TCP. The way for
connection is that device TK103 connects to the platform server forwardly. After
connecting to the platform server, the GPS Tracker TK103 will feedback a enrolling
message. The enrolling message contains the device’s ID. If the device GPS Tracker TK103.
received the answer from the platform server, it will stop to sending
enrolling message but send continuous feedback message. The
continuous feedback message not contains the device ID. The platform
server binds the device by connection. One connection represents a
device (Tracker TK103) ID. When the connection cuts off, the device will connect the
platform server automatically and send out a device enrolling message.
Beside, the device will send out one hand-shaking message intervals of
time. The hand-shaking message contains Device ID. After receiving the
handshaking answer message from the platform server, the device waits
for sending the handshaking message in next period.