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Set Admin Number TK103 By SMS

How to set admin for TK103 GPS Traker?

Just one sms can set admin and the admin number only can communicate and configure with that Tk103 device no other number can configure Device by sms.


Here, 123456 is the password you set to tracker
then space
country code as India = 0
mobile admin number as =8000499555

Next post will be HOW to remove admin for that GPS Vehicle tracker device TK103

TK103 GPS vehicle Tracker configuration By SMS

Here Is the answer of How to configure TK103 by SMS?

Need to send below SMS to TK103 GPS tracker.

begin123456 = 123456 is password
GPS tracker TK103’s replay will be begin OK

apn123456www = 123456 is password, www is gprs setting for vodafone if you are using Airtel apn12345airtelgprs.com
GPS tracker TK103’s replay will be SET APN OK

ipxxx.xxx.xxx.xxxportxxxx = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is your IP where you host site. ,xxxx is port on which TK103 will send data TCP-IP/UDP port
GPS tracker TK103’s replay will be SET IP and PORT OK

number0xxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxxxxx for mobile number which is used in that GPS Tracker TK103
GPS tracker TK103’s replay will be SET NUMBER OK

tracker123456 = To start tracker
GPS tracker TK103’s replay will be SET Traker OK

There is also many command for other configuration but above are enough to start tracking by TK103 devices.

Device will start to send data on configured IP PORT.

More SMS detail I will share next time.

GPS Tracker TK103 Manual

Tk 103 Gps tracker device is most used in gps marker

So here we are provide you link of gps tracker manual.

So you can configer and test tk 103 gps device your self at any where any time.

Set up TK103 GPS tracker device is very easy and also installation of gps tracker TK103 is as simple as plug and play type.

just you need to read GPS Tracker TK 103 manual for all.

Next time I will provide TK103 protocal information