Have you ever wondered how GPS tracking system ensures students safety in school campus and on-board (school bus)???

The recent news reports of child abuse in school campus and buses are constantly rising with every passing mostly in the age of 4-11yrs. The recent studies prove that India is ranked highest in child abuse. States like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Gujrat are main centers of physical, sexual and mental abuse of children. Most of the cases of child abuse are reported to be prevalent in and around school campus or in the school buses. These flashing reporters constantly blink in front of our eyes and plead for student’s safety and protection of our future human resources in the midst of the hub of knowledge-the school that ensures bright future of the students but forgets to protect the students themselves. These all grievances seek the attention of not only teachers and parents, but also call the attention of government regulations and advances in the area of technology.

This critical issue has drawn the media more sensitive. The government and Media have collaborated to spread awareness to parents and students via various modes of communication. The students are cautioned to be more careful and alert on campus and outside. Parents can too perform their active participation and show their concern for their dear child by installing school bus tracking safety devices in the school bus and to keep a track of their children while they are on board via School bus tracking Mobile app.

Recently the journalists of the famous well-esteemed newspaper The Times Of India have printed an article on 25th September 2017 titled “School Bus Tracking Apps find favor with concerned parents.” Their research and development team took reference of our Sahaj GPS Tracker (Sahaj Informatics Pvt Ltd) to help find best solutions for concerned parents and teachers. Sahaj GPS Trackers is the most entrusted company with best services in modern days which keeps upgrading itself for the satisfaction of the clients.

Sahaj GPS Tracker - TOI School bus tracking system for student safety
Sahaj GPS Tracker – TOI School bus tracking system for student safety

We have a special mobile application which sends notifications to parents with regard to location of the school bus.By this parents can know real-time tracking and constantly keep track of their children. You can see live tracking and vehicle location along with speed, distance covered, and current status of vehicle with station updates and destination location updates. The parent guardian can also avail basic information as to who is the driver of their child. This can be done through by a click on driver’s information which shows the name of the driver on that particular day, you can also get contact details, and thus contact the school bus driver in case of any delay. You also have details of driver’s home address. You also get right to see the valid driving license of the driver to ensure that your child is traveling with safe hands.They are informed when the bus reaches a particular stop. Parents get notifications when their kids are about to reach home. Thus they can avail information about the pick and drop timings. This saves the valuable time of working parents and avoids unnecessary waiting at the bus stop for your child in unpredictable weather conditions. The pick-up and drop timings notifications and other alert history are always stored in your mobile application phone, this helps you to maintain a proper record; and predict the time when driver reach that particular place. This maintenance of records has an additional benefit for you. In case of some vehicle misuse or commitment of crime police and the law always demand some proof, this app helps you with all of this so that the culprit is punished for a sinful crime and further safety of other students and children in the bus is ensured. Another interesting feature is that it is a multilingual application. So anyone around the globe can access it.  You can set the language in your own mother tongue or the one that your child’s babysitter or guardian understands. This smart app is user-friendly and just within a fraction of seconds, they can get their desired information at one click.

Students safety is also a responsibility of school administration staff. They can also keep check on driver behavior, bus misuse and track the bus. There are many other features available for students safety. If you care for your child you insist the school authorities for school bus tracking. Contact us for more details to ensure your child’s safety and future. We also have innumerable packages and services for vehicle tracking, whose instant notification and report services keep you updated, it saves time and ensures better management of work with security.

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