Pune MC will give GPS TAG to Unauthorised construction

Even as illegal constructions continue to increase across the Pune city. PMC will upgrade technology and tag those structure on GPS to point out exact location on map and reporting. Illegal building figure at per 2012 is 15k.By using GPS Technology, PMC will get the exact number of illegal constructions, along with details such as position, lat, long, regoin, etc. PMC have already announce tender for the GPS. Now it is necessary to map all these constructions before the process of regularisation start.
The Maharashtra Government has approved the regularisation of unauthorised constructions. However, we haven’t received any written order.
Property tax collection department already start working on tag property they have completed basic mapping of the entire pune and started second phase of the process of tagging properties.All administration division can use the map as a source. The constructions permissions division also can benefit of it to tag unauthorised constructions.
Revenue division says, there are more than one lac illegal buildings in the city. Of these, around 65k comes under the townships of Pimpri- Chinchwad, around 12k top 15k under PMC and more then 46k in the remaining of the district regions.

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