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Police and Defence Bodies

Sahaj Infosys meets all of the fleet tracking requirements and the strictest security regulations that are set by the Government, Defense and Police authorities. Sahaj Infosys lets the control room view live feed on their screens that allows them to know which patrol car stands closest to a particular location on emergency call so that the closest officers are sent for saving lives and ensure public safety apart from saving costs. The facilities at Sahaj Infosys can help to determine if a Government, Defense or Police vehicle is unnecessarily idling for too long. Various pre-fixed routes are actually loaded into the Sahaj Infosys application and then linked to the associated fleet. Any car or vehicle that deviates from this route can actually set off the alert. Sahaj Infosys also generates comprehensive reports on various aspects of vehicle utilization. An operator can make use of the application for planning delivery routes, identifying logistical inefficiencies as well as providing end customers with all data related to real time tracking of the patrol cars.

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