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Personal Tracking

Whether your requirements are commercial or consumer based, business or personal related, at Sahaj Infosys you will find the best and the most cost effective GPS personal tracking solutions.
Each and every personal tracker that is used by us is designed to perfection and tested to work as soon as implemented in tandem with our superior backend web-based GPS platform. You do not require any additional software support to run it.
The GPS Personal Tracker offered by us at Sahaj Infosys is an easy and sophisticated personal tracker that is built with the accurate and powerful GPS module. The robust casing with which it comes reduces false alarms and renders it durable for everyday usage.
Applications of Sahaj Infosys web-based GPS Personal Tracker

  • Child and teenager care
  • Sales and/or technical force management
  • Animal tracking for various pets and wildlife
  • Military use, for locating soldiers on battlefields
  • Outdoor recreation activities such as hiking, traveling, bike riding
  • Safety for chronically ill patients, such as dementia sufferer or senior people
Product Features
  • Water resistant
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • SOS button for help during emergencies
  • Can set personalized safety zones or geo-fence
  • May be kept portable within a backpack or installed
  • Promptly receive location alerts and record location history
System Features
  • Unlimited On-Demand Location Records
  • On-demand locates that help you in finding the current location of an individual who is carrying a Personal Tracker.

  • Personalized Safety Zones
  • A safety zone serves as a personalized virtual boundary carved around a particular location that you have chosen. You will receive email or SMS alerts any time someone enters or leaves the active safety zone.

  • Continuous Tracking
  • The Continuous Tracking feature provided by Sahaj Infosys presents you with automatic update reports on a person's location at time intervals that are set by you. You can see the location with date and time at our website.

  • Location History
  • The location history service offered by Sahaj Infosys allows you to know where a person has been for the last hour, the last day or the last week. You will have location history reports for your reviewing on our website for 3 months.

  • Device Alerts
  • Sahaj Infosys can also notify you through email or SMS anytime your Personal Locator is experiencing low battery or has been switched off.

  • GPS Technology
  • Sahaj Infosys makes use of GPS technology as well as cellular and satellite technologies to reliably and precisely determine the exact location of your Locator.

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