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Oil Tankers and Gas Trucks

Efficient and safe operations are vital to energy industry, particularly for those that are involved with the oil and gas production and exploration. Programs related to safety, health and environment are crucial to ensure worker safety as well as uptime of the facilities, the plant and equipments. Sahaj Infosys plays a critical role in enhancing safety programs for various midstream and upstream corporations around the world. The services of Sahaj Infosys is particularly tailored to meet the needs of the Oil and Gas firms including emergency call buttons and oilfield vehicles tracking. Sahaj Infosys presents highly customizable and effective vehicle tracking system and telematics solutions with the best technology and optimum safety features for oil and gas industry. The various benefits that the services of Sahaj Infosys bring on the table include the following:
Solution Offerings

  • Real time tracking of the vehicle movements
  • Optimize and increase the utilization of vehicles
  • Efficiently manage fleet maintenance schedules
  • Effectively monitor cases of driver misbehaviors
  • Complete visibility of the petroleum and oil tankers
  • Track the exact time of the oil distribution to the gas station
  • High quality digital mapping that offers better fleet overview
  • Receive real time alerts regarding violations via email or SMS
  • Track movements of the vehicle between the assigned locations
  • Intelligent reports about fleet utilization and other important aspects
  • Panic buttons for alerting the fleet manager during any kind of emergency

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