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GPS Vehicle Tracker Price in India

GPS Vehicle Tracker Price in India is very confusing for new person.
You may find lots of products and brand with much more model of number, but let me know what is the real scenario in the market.

There is only two company in the market who are the manufacturer of GPS vehicle tracker in india rest of all as talking as they are manufacturer but when you ask for visiting the factory of GPS tracking device unit. They will try to save them self from related questions.

So, All the Company in the market are selling the same product they are importing from china or Europe and give new brand name and stick the sticker and sell it with the new name.

The Price of GPS Vehicle Tracker in Indian market is Starting from 4500/- up to 12,000/- or more some time.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker with Temperature sensor Starting from 4500/- up to 12,000/- or more some time.

No GPS Vehicle Tracker in India give up to 80% fuel accuracy after installing extra sensor so I recommend you to not go for save fuel just because no one will give surety about that all the companies are just make you fool about the fuel end of the day.

Let me know you Sahaj Infosys and Bonrix are only main importer of GPS vehicle tracker in the India.

So any time looking for GPS Vehicle Tracker best Price in India contact them.

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