GPS tracker device TK 103

GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol

GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol is very easy to understand

You can find GPS Tracker TK103 Protocol by click on the link.

This GPS Tracker TK103 device connects to platform server with TCP. The way for
connection is that device TK103 connects to the platform server forwardly. After
connecting to the platform server, the GPS Tracker TK103 will feedback a enrolling
message. The enrolling message contains the device’s ID. If the device GPS Tracker TK103.
received the answer from the platform server, it will stop to sending
enrolling message but send continuous feedback message. The
continuous feedback message not contains the device ID. The platform
server binds the device by connection. One connection represents a
device (Tracker TK103) ID. When the connection cuts off, the device will connect the
platform server automatically and send out a device enrolling message.
Beside, the device will send out one hand-shaking message intervals of
time. The hand-shaking message contains Device ID. After receiving the
handshaking answer message from the platform server, the device waits
for sending the handshaking message in next period.

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