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Generator Monitoring System

Generators should be always monitored in order to ensure maximum performance. Sahaj Infosys offers high quality services when it comes to remote monitoring of the generators as well as their physical status. With the help of Sahaj Infosys, you can monitor all the important activities such as the generator’s location, running hours, fuel level, generator temperature and other aspects. It also offers you the opportunity to set alerts for fuel thefts and all other major events. By using the assistance of Sahaj Infosys, it is now possible to easily track utilization time of the generators all in real time. The system also delivers fault reports as well as sends alert notifications as the parameters fall or exceed below certain thresholds, and the down times can be brought down to the minimum. Sahaj Infosys also provides with the real time location of a generator in case it has been shifted for any reason.

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