Government Order GPS system in cab

Delhi government orders installation of GPS in all cabs

In order to insure women safety, government of capital has ordered all taxi operators to install GPS Vehicle tracking system in their taxis, failing which fitness certificate will not be issued to them.

According to a senior official, the government’s judgement will be enforced on all types of cabs, including Radio cabs, black or yellow cabs, plying in different parts of the Delhi.

The government has also made it clear that taxi operators will not be issued fitness certificates unless they get GPS Vehicle tracking system installed in their taxis.

The conclusion comes months after a 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a driver enlisted with the US-based cab service, Ur bun, in December past year in the taxi in which Vehicle tracking system was not installed.

“We want to insure women safety in all public cabs due to which we have directed all operators, including of black-and-yellow cabs, to first install Vehicle tracking system in their taxis,” the official said, adding, the transport department will issue the fitness certificate to taxi operators only after checking installation of GPS Vehicle tracking system.

“GPS based tracking system will not only insure women safety in cabs but it also will help police in case of untoward incident,” he said.

There are more than 15,000 cabs, including black-and-yellow cabs and capital cabs, plying across the capital.

However, the capital cabs’ Union has threatened to launch a series of protest if government does not withdraw its decision immediately.

“GPS based tracking system is not the only solution to insure women safety…government should immediately withdraw this decision, else we will come out on the streets and protest against it,” Soni, general secretary of capital Taxi’ Union, said.

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