How to Delete admin for TK103 GPS Traker?

for set admin number please check my last post How to set admin for TK103 GPS Traker?

Now, for remove admin number rom GPS tracker TK103
need to SMS as below


The replay from TK103 will be no admin ok.

The template of sms is same as set but here is noadmin.


noadmin = command
123456 =your GPS tracker’s password
space = simple white space
08000499555= Your mobile number with country code here for India I use 0 + my mobile number.

Next time we will post on stop vehicle by sms command.

4 thoughts on “DELETE ADMIN NUMBER TK103 BY SMS”

  1. I accidentally input the tracker SIM no. instead of my mobile number when registering for admin. How do we cancel it and register my mobile numbe rinstead?

    1. you can switch sim cards, in the way that admin sim number [tracker] will be in your phone and your personal sim number in tracker and then from your phone text tracker to delete your tracker number [wrong one] from it and add your personal number instead, finally switch sim cards again, hope it helps

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