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Gps tracker devices and manual guide like TK103, GT06, FM1200 etc

Aadhar uidai certified GPS device

Aadhar card laptop Gps tracker
Aadhar card laptop Gps tracker

We have lunched Aadhar uidai certified GPS device in India.

We are giving on time delivery of USB laptop gps tracker which used in aadhar card software. It’s nice step by government to update software now every log of aadhar card from software will also enter laptop gps location along with that it’s demand increasing.

We are providing best solution aadhar gps tracker as we are in same field since 2010 and we are certified for that also.

Please check below specification of our new GPS tracker for adhar card software

We are providing gps tracker that consume less battery of laptop.  small and easy to use. Most of employee or worker of Aadhar card software doesn’t know how to use gps tracker most of companies just focus on sales and price of UID GPS but not focusing on support and guide for same.

Although we are from Gujarat but also providing sales and  service in pan India.

Model Features of gps tracker –

    • UIDAI Certified for AADHAAR
    • Connection with any normal USB from any system
    • Plug and Play
    • Real Time Location wherever this device is plugged
    • in USB
    • Robust design with ABS body
    • Compact size (Easy to carry)
    • Warranty Period for every Unit is 1 year from the date of sale.
  • In warranty period if any tempering case is there then customer has to pay repairable charges.


We are replacing Laptop GPS Tracker with in 2-3 days and also proving back up depending your orders.


Pune MC will give GPS TAG to Unauthorised construction

Even as illegal constructions continue to increase across the Pune city. PMC will upgrade technology and tag those structure on GPS to point out exact location on map and reporting. Illegal building figure at per 2012 is 15k.By using GPS Technology, PMC will get the exact number of illegal constructions, along with details such as position, lat, long, regoin, etc. PMC have already announce tender for the GPS. Now it is necessary to map all these constructions before the process of regularisation start. Continue reading Pune MC will give GPS TAG to Unauthorised construction

All election squad will be watch by GPS Monitoring System

In India Election is very important part as the biggest democracy county in the word. So election commission of India would not want any issues and focusing on safety also. In then next phase elections hold in 4 states and one Union territory. West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

As per history 3 region out of them are facing violence problems at election time. ECI decide to install GPS vehicle tracker in all on duty vehicles for watching real time live monument at any time and also checking history on google map. As per Officials, The strength will improve for tracking vehicle and communication between the election office staff and the officers in the field and also able to find nearest vehicle from the any misbehaviour complain region which will help to implement effective model code of conduct. by Automatic vehicle locator system all flying squads will be directly controlled by executive magistrate.

Continue reading All election squad will be watch by GPS Monitoring System

GSRTC express buses fitted with GPS by April

AMEDABAD: The GSRTC in order to provide safety on express buses of Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation is ready to get an upgrade this April. The state transport corporation has started installing GPS gadgets in state transportation express buses.

It is worth remembering that 41 passengers have died and another 25 are injured who was travelling in GSRTC buses after falling from a bridge into a river.Now The GPS Vehicle tracking system will send location-updates to the control rooms every 10 seconds. Officials from GSRTC said that the GPS software is not just for tracking live buses’ movements but also to report emergencies efficiently.

The GPS Tracker will enable bus drivers to hint authorities of exigencies with the press of a SOS. Each bus will have five SOS buttons for brake fail, fault in engine, accident, emergency contact and also raising a request for spare bus allocation.

“Gujarat will be first state in India where government state transport buses will be installed with GPS. Time of departure and arrival of a buses and platform number will be conveyed to passenger through audio announcement system and also shoes delay. Express buses in Ahmedabad department already have been started with GPS tracking system, and a control rooms has been set up. By April all express buses across the state will have GPS tracking facility,”

“When a SOS is pressed the nearest control room will get the message. The GPS will help officials in monitoring the bus and route it is taking or whether the bus has made an unauthorized stop. Divisional depot manager and other officials will be able to monitor all vehicles 24*7,” said a senior official.

All GSRTC divisions will have a LED board Integrated with the GPS. This will report arrival of buses at respective divisions. Central control room covering entire state and all divisions will be located at Naroda depot.

GPS vehicle tracker will be installed in garbage waste management vehicles

The Municipal Corporation has made decision to install Global Positioning System devices on garbage lifting vehicles to guarantee that the vehicles follow their actual panned route path roads.
GPS trackers will also be installed in all vehicle under Municipal Corporation track misuse. The vehicles like Truck, dumper, water lifting tankers, JCB and trolley are used by MC also be tracked by Automatic vehicle locator system, repairing work of street lights and on anti-encroachment drives.

As live monitoring and Tracking starts on 200 vehicle, senior officer will be able to real time watch on their every day each movement. Primarily, GPS system would be implemented on a trial basis on the dumper, JCB and trolley.

“Whenever our vehicles on the way to get any work done, they end up taking 3 days to finish a single day’s work. Just not for checking delay in work but also save fuel by working on time. Once tracking System comes into work, we will be able to track the all events and movements of vehicles,”- Municipal Commissioner
After all municipal staff has initiated door-to-door garbage collection from every incidental and official premises on rickshaws, and then transfered to waste lefiting municipal corporation vehicles who dump the waste . “However, some vehicles do not lift the garbage for final disposal and we had received same complaints for others. Though we are ready for answer to few employees who will raise objection to it as they will not be able to disobey rules and will be forced to follow instructions after GPS devices are installed”

As per MC official, with installation of GPS tracker each vehicle will be Rs 5,500 for tracker and then after. Monthly GPS charge of Rs 500. According to the proposal, the concerned department will keep watch on the every movements of vehicle from online web portal as well as via mobile application. Senior officers will also be able to track movements through their smart phones.