Best GPS Vehicle Tracker seller in India

Want to buy best gps vehicle tracker?

Here is the information how gps vehicle trackers are difference in price and functionality wise.

If you search you will get many gps vehicle tracker supplier seller manufacturer dealer and distributors they all sells same tracker in different price..

India GPS base vehicle tracker providers are in each cities of all states and all are providing look wise same gps vehicle tracker. GPS base tracking is not easy field to understand for end user or normal people. It’s same as to buy mobile but in some manner both are same but in GPS tracker there is not any particulate brand like in mobile Samsung LG etc. So user will more confuse in what to buy ?

Buyer can not understand the different between trackers then and most of time user or the buyer choose at lowest cost provider to buy gps tracker because buyer have no any idea.

In India no one is manufacturing GPS vehicle tracker but most of company try to prove that they are only the manufacturer in India. Most of buyer need fuel tracking in India but there is not possible to tack 100% accurate fuel level and 80% to 90% of accuracy is not useful as per example if the tank of vehicle is 200 ltr then 90% accuracy mean you can not track 10% variation of fuel tacking in gps vehicle tracking system so you can not track or not able to trap your driver or user in fuel theft detection system if he try to theft around 15-20 liter of fuel and no one will try to theft more then 20 liter. It’s just because in India all vehicles have analog technology to read fuel so gps vehicle tracker will totally fail in fuel tracking. So my suggestion is to buyer please do not buy fuel sensor and gps tracker, wast your time and money behind tracking fuel.

There is also many difference in gps vehicle tracker if they all are same in look wise.

Different in GPS and GSM module Chip set: Most of manufacturer use “Made in china” tracker but it is not bad tracker at all but the GPRS GPS tracker build with lowest cost they are save costing by using non branded or low quality GPS/GSM chip set. Stander chip set module brand is siemens and ublox company. If any tracker build with those chip set then only go for it use it buy. Don’t buy tracker build with mediatek and other chipset module.

There will be minor different in general market of normal GPS tracker but do not buy very low cost tracker.

There is wide range in gps tracker so be careful when you buy tracker.

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