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Ambulance Monitoring

Ambulances are some of the most important vehicles that people rely on during times of need. In order to keep up with the needs of the current times, many ambulances throughout the world are making use of GPS tracking systems to offer better services. Functional upgrades such as these allow optimum dispatching of ambulances which in turn helps to ensure prompt execution of Emergency Medical Services that allow timely patient transport. The ambulances of Emergency Medical Service provider can be easily integrated with the services of Sahaj Infosys. Keypad integration helps in the smooth monitoring of all important tasks like when an ambulance has started, when it has reached the location of the incident, time taken to arrive at the hospital and various other factors. What differentiates the intel provided by Sahaj Infosys with that of others is that it helps to ensue primary treatment even when a patient is in an ambulance. By following the advice of the hospital, ambulance crew can deliver primary care or even re-route the ambulance vehicle to the nearest healthcare center with the available specialists. By having access to all necessary patient data, the experts at the hospital can deliver proper treatment as the ambulance brings in the patient. The Ambulance Tracking System presented by Sahaj Infosys makes it easier for the emergency response personnel to monitor accurately the location of the emergency vehicles, thereby allowing them to save time during an emergency by routing the vehicle closest to the incident.
The GPS tracking system facilities offered by Sahaj Infosys can deliver you the following benefits:

  • Monitoring siren and light activations
  • Optimize the routes to the patient locations
  • Re-routing an ambulance to nearest hospital
  • Locate the hospital nearest to the ambulance
  • Reduce response times during the “Golden Hours”
  • Locate the ambulance nearest to the patient’s location
  • Keypad integration for monitoring all important events
  • Effectively verify the locations of drivers and ambulances
  • Ensuring that the drivers are at the assigned staged locations
  • Verify data on patient transport times and mileage accurately
  • Monitoring non-emergency speeding for improving driver safety

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