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About Sahaj Infosys

Corporate Information
Sahaj Infosys is a Brand of Sahaj Infosys with the goal of becoming the leading provider of mobile assets management solutions in India.
A venture of SAHAJ Group that has existence in the Field of Web , Software services,Amination and design And with presence in India, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.
Sahaj Infosys is a provider of solutions, hardware, and services that maximize the potential of remote assets.
Sahaj Infosys caters to a variety of industries, including public transit operators, logistics providers, banking, construction, telecommunication, utility, police departments, service, wholesale/retail companies and many others.
Sahaj Infosys provides a secure, cellular based, GPS for VTS application and is an expert in vehicle recovery. Our aim is to maintain consistently high standards in quality and reliability.
Our commitment to continued R&D with focus on delivering new industry-specific service applications that complement our current products, sets Sahaj Infosys apart from the competition and is one of the major factors that have enabled Sahaj Infosys to be in for front.
Supported by a unique platform that combines a variety of established technologies from Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless communication to digital mapping and hosted as well as mobile applications, Sahaj Infosys Service delivers secure, proven, scalable, comprehensive and user friendly products and solutions that enable you to:

  • Maximize vehicle and fleet utilization
  • Increase workforce productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption and costs
  • Improve safety & maintenance practices
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Enhance communication efficiency
  • Improve routing, scheduling and dispatching
  • Improve compliance with governmental regulations
  • Enable better & faster decision making
  • Improve customer service, satisfaction and retention
  • Increase competitive edge
  • Promote environmental responsibility
  • Drive continuous improvement
A growing numbers of customers, partners and employees are evidence that we are evolving in the right direction, encompassing new ideas to further improve the Sahaj Infosys Service, sharing the success with our partners and enabling clients to achieve a rapid return on investment.

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