GPS Vehicle Tracker Price in India

GPS Vehicle Tracker Price in India is very confusing for new person.
You may find lots of products and brand with much more model of number, but let me know what is the real scenario in the market.

There is only two company in the market who are the manufacturer of GPS vehicle tracker in india rest of all as talking as they are manufacturer but when you ask for visiting the factory of GPS tracking device unit. They will try to save them self from related questions.

So, All the Company in the market are selling the same product they are importing from china or Europe and give new brand name and stick the sticker and sell it with the new name.

The Price of GPS Vehicle Tracker in Indian market is Starting from 4500/- up to 12,000/- or more some time.

The GPS Vehicle Tracker with Temperature sensor Starting from 4500/- up to 12,000/- or more some time.

No GPS Vehicle Tracker in India give up to 80% fuel accuracy after installing extra sensor so I recommend you to not go for save fuel just because no one will give surety about that all the companies are just make you fool about the fuel end of the day.

Let me know you Sahaj Infosys and Bonrix are only main importer of GPS vehicle tracker in the India.

So any time looking for GPS Vehicle Tracker best Price in India contact them.

TK103 GPS Tracker Change Password by SMS

How to Change Password of GPS Tracker device TK103 by SMS?

Once you own Gps tracking services for your fleet then you any need to change admin Password of GPS tracker to take it in your authorities.

Not necessary but for the safety of your tracker some one can change the password if He/she know sim card number and use for his/her.

just one Text/sms to Tk103 devices can protect your fleet for some miss use cases.

here is the SMS


Ex. password123456 221189
password for command to change it.
123456 for old password of TK103
just one space
221189 stands for new password you want to set.

TK103 GPS Tracker User Manual Set Auto Track SMS

How to set GPS Vehicle tracking device TK103 To auto track mode by SMS?

Why we need set TK103 to auto track?
When user want location of vehicle at every some time different let say at 30sec on any mobile number by sms from the SIM card which we used in GPS tracker Device.

Or when we need to change update time the TK103 tracker send location to server time change then this SMS also use full.

Let’s chek out SMS to set TK103 Gps tracker to auto set.

at30sum15 is the TEXT to send.
The reply from TK103 will be auto track set ok.
at is command or instruction to TK103./
30 is in time interval second Ex. after every 30s SMS will send to number or data will sent to server.
15 is the number of time tracker will send Geo-info to authorize mobile number. Maximum times is 999999.

for sms at heap of times
The reply from TK103 will be auto track set ok.

Now, to stop auto track at any time, just SMS to GPS tracker TK103
mean no auto track and password
ex. noat123456

The reply from TK103 will be cancel auto track

We will check out more sms congratulation for TK103 next time.

Delhi government orders installation of GPS in all cabs

In order to insure women safety, government of capital has ordered all taxi operators to install GPS Vehicle tracking system in their taxis, failing which fitness certificate will not be issued to them.

According to a senior official, the government’s judgement will be enforced on all types of cabs, including Radio cabs, black or yellow cabs, plying in different parts of the Delhi.

The government has also made it clear that taxi operators will not be issued fitness certificates unless they get GPS Vehicle tracking system installed in their taxis.

The conclusion comes months after a 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped by a driver enlisted with the US-based cab service, Ur bun, in December past year in the taxi in which Vehicle tracking system was not installed.

“We want to insure women safety in all public cabs due to which we have directed all operators, including of black-and-yellow cabs, to first install Vehicle tracking system in their taxis,” the official said, adding, the transport department will issue the fitness certificate to taxi operators only after checking installation of GPS Vehicle tracking system.

“GPS based tracking system will not only insure women safety in cabs but it also will help police in case of untoward incident,” he said.

There are more than 15,000 cabs, including black-and-yellow cabs and capital cabs, plying across the capital.

However, the capital cabs’ Union has threatened to launch a series of protest if government does not withdraw its decision immediately.

“GPS based tracking system is not the only solution to insure women safety…government should immediately withdraw this decision, else we will come out on the streets and protest against it,” Soni, general secretary of capital Taxi’ Union, said.


How to Delete admin for TK103 GPS Traker?

for set admin number please check my last post How to set admin for TK103 GPS Traker?

Now, for remove admin number rom GPS tracker TK103
need to SMS as below


The replay from TK103 will be no admin ok.

The template of sms is same as set but here is noadmin.


noadmin = command
123456 =your GPS tracker’s password
space = simple white space
08000499555= Your mobile number with country code here for India I use 0 + my mobile number.

Next time we will post on stop vehicle by sms command.